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Premium Grade Organic Shiitake Mushrooms

Over the past 20 years we have combined centuries worth of shiitake growing techniques and modern technology to create a superior shiitake mushroom than the rest available here in the United States.

Many of our clients and customers have said they can literally taste the difference in freshness and quality! To top it off all our mushrooms are certified 100% USDA organic, GFSI, and PCO certified.

You can learn more about what makes our shiitake mushrooms special on this page!

Practicing sustainability before it was trendy

We designed our houses to take advantage of wind currents to keep them cool, eliminating the use of large A/C units and tons of carbon emissions per year.

Our building design also allows us to produce multiple flushes increasing our yield by 50% per log, eliminating all the carbon emissions associated with the log production process, and decreasing the cost for the customer.

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Why We Are The "King" Of Mushrooms

Not only have we perfected the art of growing a superior organic shiitake mushroom, but our vertically integrated farm allows us to best other growers in terms of freshness, quality, and pricing.

All mushrooms that are harvested are sent directly to our refrigerated facility right next door to our greenhouses and then packaged to be shipped out to customers usually within the same day.

Majority of shiitake mushrooms from other farms spend nearly 2 weeks transferring hands before they see the shelves which severely harms their shelf life, quality, and taste.


We grow shiitakes year round! With hundreds of green houses we have a consistent supply of new large mushrooms ready to be harvested each day.

Sorting & packaging

Our farms have a full scale refrigerated packing facility on site which allows our mushrooms to be sorted, stored, and packed at the ideal temperatures (to increase shelf life) prior to being shipped out from our farm!


We distribute over 400,000 pounds of fresh organic mushrooms a month. Contact our team to learn more about how we can add you to our delivery routes!

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